What do the triple Ds and Newton have in common?

The answer is Gravity! The gravitational pull is pulling absolutely everything with any mass/weight on it towards the center of the earth. Isaac Newton demonstrated that with an apple in Cambridge. I was told I sat on his bench when I gave my lecture in Cambridge in 1984. Since then the Force has been with me and I am determined to pass it on. It is an everyday force that we have to contend with if we plan to remain living on the earth. Or else we have to fly to the moon with Elon Musk and a few other billionaires.

The G force applies to our discs and to our joints and causes cartilage erosion and thinning especially if there is repeated high velocity high impact movements involved such as jumping or running. Not to confuse with the G string that septuagenarians wear nonchalantly on South Beach, Miami. We mentioned how to experience less G force (flying Tesla to the moon) but we can also experience multiple G forces if we are flying an F18 and break the speed of sound a few times.The latter experiment is NOT recommended to those same septuagenarians because their interiors may not be able to resist the brutal pressure, unless they were trained astronauts or fighter pilots.

In a perfect body with perfect BMI and perfect posture, the center of gravity where gravity applies is a smidgeon in front of vertebra S2, The more forward it is the more torque on the spinal elements. The lower it is the more stable the body is on its feet.

The triple Ds are not to confuse with a bra size no matter how wide your imagination. Also they do not point to that silly Steve Martin movie « The Three Amigos », or even to the three stooges. they stand for: Deflation, Degeneration, Deterioration.

Gravity-induced Deflation applies primarily to the aging face where the baby face is pulled downward from the cheek bones and forms jawls and double-chins. As the fat moves south, the folds look deeper so do the wrinkles. We need to lift the aging face not by cutting skin (facelifts) and paralyzing muscles (Botox), but by reinflating the flattened areas so as to lift the overlaying skin. The whole face can be done this way with fat transfers, and save a lot of unnecessary surgeries and injection of toxic and expensive products. The buttock can also be deflated and buttock fat transfer is gaining momentum.

Degeneration touches all tissues and organs sooner or later. We now that gravity hammers discs and joints into submission by degrading them and thinning them. An 80 year old can easily loose cumulatively up to 2 inches in height. Gee man I am shorter than you now! The collagen degenerates in all these elastic tissues and muscles weaken and loose fibers. They all succumb under the pull of gravity. Bone erodes over prominences because calcium need piezoelectric loading to deposit itself on bone. The answer is muscle training and daily exercise and occasional chin or cheek implant.

Deterioration has to do with the skin loosing elasticity, thinning and showing dark spots such as 50ish female hands. Remember hands are dependent parts vis-a-vis gravity which means they usually hang down when we walk or stand. Imagine the dermis and subcutaneous tissue fleeing from under the nails. It is Frankensteiny, but this has happened in a very subtle way, over a long time. Gripping forces (up to 120 lbs for a male; 80 for a female); as in carrying groceries or holding a tool, can approximate G forces at times contributing to chasing the fatty cushions off the tendons and intrinsic muscles. Here again fat grafting is king to rejuvenate those hands and reverse the deterioration.

FAT IS THE “LIQUID GOLD” (as per Stanford researchers) OF YOUR GOLDEN AGE: CHERISH IT AND STORE IT YOUNG. Ever imagined that this grossly undesired tissue, that everybody is happy to get rid of, could one day be so valuable?


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